Exhibition Fields of Activity

- Producer of livestock and poultry feed
- fish meal- production of various types of concentrates
- producer of mineral oysters- production of fish meal
- livestock feed additives- production of fat powder for livestock and poultry feed
- processing oilseeds
- production of ready
-made poultry feed (down plant)
- production and distribution of additives and micronutrients
- production of micronized mineral powders and calcium carbonate
- production of soy, corn, wheat and barley

- production of medicines and nutritional inputs
- production of veterinary vaccines and biomaterials
- production of animal serums
- therapeutic premix
- production of food and therapeutic supplements
- production of detergents and disinfectants and hygiene products
- production of animal lick bricks
- production of injectable solutions
- disposable products
- production of veterinary products
- production of fatty acids and vegetable oils

-equipment for keeping livestock and poultry
- aviculture and incubation equipment
– slaughterhouse industries equipment and machinery
– livestock and poultry breeding equipment, machinery and facilities
- related industries production machineries, equipment and facilities
- milking equipment and disinfectant
- packaging machinery
- refrigeration systems
- ventilation systems
– heating and cooling system
- Weighing systems
- livestock and livestock products transfer machinery
- laboratory equipment

-design, installation and establishment of meat, chicken and fish processing factories and…electronic market for purchasing and selling livestock and poultry products
– security systems- technical, engineering and consulting services
– specialized publications and websites
- banks and insurance
- organized governmental organizations

-breeding ostrich- breeding turkey
- production of one-day
-old and egg-laying chickens
- production of egg