Mashhad Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Expo

Mashhad Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Exhibition, with the presence of manufacturers, importers, specialists and economic activists of this industry, has become one of the most important trade events of the region.

This exhibition is a platform aimed at introducing new goods and products, creating opportunities for interaction with manufacturers, traders and professionals of this industry, familiarzing visitors with the latest achievements, creating opportunities for negotiating and making contracts. Participation in this economic- promotional event can improve efficiency and productive feedback required by participants.

This exhibition also aimed at transferring and exchanging knowledge and technology between livestock and poultry industry activists and other developed countries. On one hand, it is a suitable opportunity to meet a wide range of association and union managers, senior officials and government authorities, experts, investors, livestock and poultry farms breeders, industrial equipment and food industry distributors and suppliers, vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies from inside and outside of Iran.

On the other hand, transferring and exchanging knowledge and information between Iran livestock and poultry industry activists and other developed countries and introducing the latest scientific and research achievements of this industry, is an important step towards improvement of Iran veterinary and animal husbandry economics.

Introduction of achievements, capacities and capabilities of companies, unions and domestic associations, transfer of knowledge, experience and technology, familiarization with successful global livestock and poultry examples, provides a required base for investment of domestic and foreign companies.

Exhibition Fields of Activity

- Producer of livestock and poultry feed
- fish meal- production of various types of concentrates
- producer of mineral oysters- production of fish meal
- livestock feed additives- production of fat powder for livestock and poultry feed
- processing oilseeds
- production of ready
-made poultry feed (down plant)
- production and distribution of additives and micronutrients
- production of micronized mineral powders and calcium carbonate
- production of soy, corn, wheat and barley

- production of medicines and nutritional inputs
- production of veterinary vaccines and biomaterials
- production of animal serums
- therapeutic premix
- production of food and therapeutic supplements
- production of detergents and disinfectants and hygiene products
- production of animal lick bricks
- production of injectable solutions
- disposable products
- production of veterinary products
- production of fatty acids and vegetable oils

-equipment for keeping livestock and poultry
- aviculture and incubation equipment
– slaughterhouse industries equipment and machinery
– livestock and poultry breeding equipment, machinery and facilities
- related industries production machineries, equipment and facilities
- milking equipment and disinfectant
- packaging machinery
- refrigeration systems
- ventilation systems
– heating and cooling system
- Weighing systems
- livestock and livestock products transfer machinery
- laboratory equipment

-design, installation and establishment of meat, chicken and fish processing factories and…electronic market for purchasing and selling livestock and poultry products
– security systems- technical, engineering and consulting services
– specialized publications and websites
- banks and insurance
- organized governmental organizations

-breeding ostrich- breeding turkey
- production of one-day
-old and egg-laying chickens
- production of egg

The objectives of holding Mashhad Livestock, Poultry and Related Industries Exhibition

  • Introducing new products
  • Creating an opportunity to communicate and identify reputable domestic and foreign companies
  • Familiarizing with the latest achievements and specialized technologies presented by participants
  • Providing the opportunity for making contracts, development and expansion of economic activities of participants
  • Finding active representatives
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Evaluating the methods of increasing the capacity of livestock and poultry
  • Widespread use of advertising in order to enhance credibility and to fully introduce participants
  • Providing a suitable platform for presenting the latest modern scientific, research and industrial achievements in various fields
  • Introducing scientific, research and industrial capabilities of the country and strengthening the relationship between universities, industries and scientific-research centers
  • Improving the production quality and reaching international standards
  • Familiarizing companies with each other so that they can share experience in a convenient place and in a short time



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The 14th International Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Exhibition of Mashhad concurrent with the First Iran Veterinary Pavilion from 11th to 14th of July 2018

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